RAY sets up Full Line-up of Dental Imaging Products

US$4.5 million of sales in China in 2015..RAY America Inc. Established for Successful Penetration in Developed Market
RAY, mainly composed of masters and doctorate of medical engineering, has been acknowledged for its core technology and specialty in dental x-ray imaging field. With its continuous experience CT and x-ray imaging device development, RAY launched RAYSCAN-α in 2012.
After RAYSCAN-α was introduced, its high quality was recognized by the users in advanced markets including America, Europe and Japan. Asa result, sales increased significantly each year, from US$6.1 million in 2012, US$11.1 million in 2013 to US$16.6 1 million in 2014.
In April 2015, RAY attained CFDA certificate of China and entered the market, making sales of US$4.5millon, total US$ 19million.

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