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First IoT-Enabled CBCT

With the Internet of Things (IoT) technology enabled in our dental CBCT RAYSCAN series, we remotely monitor the systems installed all...

Sealed and Watertight

RIOSensor is hermetically sealed and watertight to allow for submersible disinfection, preventing cross-contamination and damage to the sensor’s electronic components.

High-Definition Image

RIOSensor offers high-definition images for doctors and clinicians to improve radiographic diagnosis. Its variety of custom filters allow for optimization of...

Plug & Use

With our plug-and-use RIOSensor, the process of obtaining a high-quality image is as easy as positioning the sensor, taking the X-ray,...

High-Definition Image

RIOSensor provides precise image quality and enhances the clinician’s ability to improve radiographic diagnosis through customization of image processing filter.

Ergonomic Design

Available in two sizes with ergonomic rounded corners and tapered edges, RIOSensor ensures patient comfort during intraoral examinations.