[Interview with C.E.O] Dr. Sang Chul Lee

”Striving to become Leader in CT & X-ray Industry with Ambition and Passion”
C.E.O Sang Chul Lee, a doctorate of medical engineering, emphasized the importance of R&D and showed enthusiasm to develop the company based on their long-term experience and know-how. “Reason why R&D is important is to provide reliable product to the customers. RAY is an enthusiastic company mainly composed of young human resource in their thirties” he says.
RAY composed its human resource with young people in their thirties by continuous recruit of research & developers. As a result, atmosphere of the company is far from being authoritative. All employees freely share their opinions, discuss and require their requirements to the C.E.O.
C.E.O Sang Chul Lee also shared his resolution after RAY becoming a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. He considers RAY must put the utmost effort on R&D to enhance the quality, after joining Samsung Electronics. “If a company relies on the brand image, all of the effort and accomplishments will collapse in no time.” he says.
Samsung Electronic’s system on market research, threat analysis, product application will be applied. RAY will put in effort to combine pros of Samsung Electronics and RAY to produce optimum products for the users.

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